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SwiftRecruit AI?

We are the quickest and highest tech hiring platform available. In today's remote and hybrid world, SwiftRecruit AI has built the perfect platform to best utilize these tools and reduce the workload on your HR team.

By using SaaS recruiting software, we are the quickest and most automated hiring platform available. We cover everything HR needs, from posting open positions to onboarding candidates. Contact us to see how easy it is to find the best employees for your open positions.

Deep Insights

Help your HR team gain better insight into candidates' qualifications in less time using AI-focused HR Software that allows job candidates to self-record video answers into your online interview platform.

Live Video Interview

HR professionals can conduct online interviews in real-time, regardless of location. These digital interviews can be recorded for your human resource team and department managers for further review.

Interview Evaluation

Determine which candidates best match your company culture, organize your interview collaboration, develop short-lists for HR, and easily communicate with candidates, including those who don't make it to the next round.


SwiftRecruit AI helps?

One of the most costly factors in business is HR and the hiring process. SwiftRecruit AI ensures you hire the perfect candidate for your open positions. The right person in the proper role keeps a business strong and profitable. SwiftRecruit's SaaS recruiting software helps you select that "right fit" while saving you time and money.

How is SwiftRecruit AI so

“Swift and Accurate?”

  • The entire HR process is automated.
  • Digital interviews and uploaded documents are stored in the cloud.
  • Both text and video formats are available
  • Interview videos are stored for further review
  • Onboarding can be done online, saving your HR team time.
  • The digital HR process is excellent for a hybrid or remote workforce.

About Us

SwiftRecruit AI began like many other online HR sites. However, we revolutionized HR efficiency by connecting businesses with needed talent using AI and automation. SwiftRecruit AI clients started to see the difference in our SaaS recruitment services immediately. Our automation and cloud-based services streamline hiring, assisting your HR department with everything from digital interviewing to onboarding.

SwiftRecruit AI

An entirely Cloud-Based SaaS hiring platform

What we offer
Services Offered

SwiftRecruit AI has five different levels to meet your HR Team’s needs and budget.

Contact us for a free demo. Our specialists will assist in identifying the ideal SaaS level for you.

Job Listings

In every job posting, your HR team can include the following: job title, description, salary, incentives, experience needed, and more. Our AI process allows collaboration between your human resources and hiring teams. They use a color-coded dashboard to view how many candidates there are, who has been interviewed and evaluated, and who has been short-listed or hired. The HR automation allows job posts to be marked inactive for later use.

Dashboard of Progress

Every team member has access to the digital interview platform that includes all documentation, online interviews, and the status of each candidate. The dashboard gives your HR team a quick, color-coded overview of the progress of the online hiring process. The dashboard provides access to videos, question sets, CVs, and other documentation the candidate has uploaded to complete the virtual interview process.

Video Library

The online video library is where the magic occurs. Your HR team includes intro and outro videos for candidates. Then, the candidate uses the SaaS recruitment software to upload their video answers to questions and any other video you request. There are copies of any virtual interviews for your HR teams to review before a candidate is short-listed for the next step.

Question Sets

The digital interview AI tool creates customized questions in video or text format. Candidates can also reply in either form. Questions can be shared between job postings across the virtual interview platform for added speed.

Interview Area

SwiftRecruit AI can schedule three types of digital interviews.

  • One-way closed interview
  • One-way open an interview
  • Live interviews

On Boarding

SwiftRecruit AI made its mark in AI recruiting software by including complete automated onboarding. Your HR team sets up the documents and information needed for candidates to onboard. Both videos and text can be utilized. All information is stored in the cloud so human resources can access it anytime. Call to view a demo of the entire process, from online interviews to onboarding.

Human Resource Service Provider

SwiftRecruit AI is just that place! We learned from our clients that speed was of the essence, and HR teams need a more automated interview process. The speed must not outweigh the careful match to quality candidates, so we designed our SaaS recruitment software that does both. We use AI to automate a two-way online platform that better provides interview collaboration between both our HR clients and their job candidates.

SwiftRecruit AI combines the pace of technology with our leaders' AI innovation to provide speed with all the checks and balances to ensure the right matches are made during the online interviewing process. We are proud of our customer relationships, which confirm that we have provided a SaaS recruitment platform that has a strong ROI.

“SwiftRecruit AI seemed to have everything we needed to move candidates through the hiring process at a fair price. Competitors did not have everything we needed. The ones with more options had long integration processes and charged too much money; while still not checking all of our boxes”

Syed Nasir Mujtaba

VP Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to be start human resource business, our advisers will show you training tips. Do you need some information for inspiration? We will discuss strategies!

  • SwiftRecruit AI as free for job seekers?

    Absolutely! Our pricing page is only for businesses that are interested in using SwiftRecruit's platform for their recruiting process. If you are on Swift Recruit to take an interview with one of our customers, you do not need to sign up for a plan

  • The plan comparison chart above shows the differences between the plans we offer. Here’s how we recommend choosing the plan that’s right for you

  • You can immediately sign up for a 14-day free trial of our Starter plan. At the end of your free trial, your credit card on file will automatically be charged the price of the plan ($119 USD) unless you cancel before the trial expiration date. For trials of our Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans, please

  • A user seat is a license to log in and use the platform. User seats are required in order to facilitate interviews on SwiftRecruit AI and use additional functionality/features. Individuals who just need to watch interviews that are shared with them do not need a user seat.

  • Yes, you can cancel your account at anytime. When you cancel, you will not be billed when your next billing anniversary arrives.

Pricing Plans

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.

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